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The Total Running Experience

Do you enjoy running on trails in beautiful locations? How about having fun and making new friends all while growing your knowledge of running? Then join me for one of my multi-day running camps! Camps last 3-7 days and feature daily runs of varying lengths and terrain, informational talks by Trisha and other guest expert speakers, as well as opportunities to relax and take in the view. Runners of all abilities are encouraged to join in!





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“Trisha started coaching me shortly after I sustained a stress fracture, a result of running without order. Trisha crafted weekly cross-training plans that ensured a smooth, safe, and strong transition back to running. Thanks to Trisha’s coaching, my running now has order, I am faster, and my increased weekly mileage is getting me stronger, not exhausted and injured. Trisha is responsive, attentive, and knows how to propel you in the right direction so you can hit the pavement and track stronger, faster, and happier.”