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What Steidl Running athletes have to say…

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Kate Harmer

From my first meeting with Trisha, she has respected both my running goals, and my starting point. She developed a plan that thoughtfully taught me how to connect the two through training. Her coaching experience enables her to adjust in real-time, keeping me engaged, encouraged, and injury-free. She’s coached me to milestones that I didn’t think were possible, and has changed how I think about running. I liked running when I started working with Trisha, now I love it!


Rebecca Mann

I have worked with Trisha for less than a year. Under her expert and thoughtful guidance I have already had some really exciting results and would thoroughly recommend her as a coach to both new and experienced runners. So, while we could all download plans from Runner's World and crib together training tips from, but for the cost of less than a latte a day, Trisha will work with you to design, adapt, and execute the perfect training and racing plan that takes into account your strengths, needs and challenges. The results speak for themselves. Plus - she's an inspiring coach who races herself, has a great sense of humor and is well-connected across the running community. Working with her has been the best thing I have ever done!


Shaddad Najm

Trisha started coaching me shortly after I sustained an overuse femoral stress fracture, a result of running around without order. Although I was on crutches, Trisha crafted weekly cross-training plans that ensured a smooth, safe, and strong transition back to running. Thanks to her coaching, my running now has order, I am faster, and my increased weekly mileage is getting me stronger, not exhausted and injured.

Trisha is responsive, attentive, and knows how to propel you in the right direction so you can hit the pavement and track stronger, faster, and happier.



Trisha’s feedback has been the best asset to me. Even brief responses to give guidance, reassurance, or encouragement have been so helpful and motivating.

She genuinely wants me to succeed and do well. Texting me after a race and offering encouraging words, those gestures mean a lot to me and they’re helpful as well. 

This has been such a positive experience for me and I look forward to continuing to work hard under Trisha’s coaching and improving even more! 

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Trisha has done wonders for me as a runner. She has thoughtfully constructed a training plan with all the considerations of a busy life, introducing both structure and growth to my running program, all while pushing me to be better at what I love to do. Before I started working with her I was “training” and logging all kinds of miles.  I didn’t have the structure or understanding of what pace or frequency with which to run and was often frustrated and confused. Since having Trisha at the wheel, I have not only become a smarter runner but have been able to reach and surpass my goals, gain more self confidence, and have a trusting relationship with someone who genuinely wants me to succeed. I’m excited to see what’s next!



Before working with Trisha, I really had no idea how to train. I was working hard, but I was just doing random things and wondering why I wasn't improving. Trisha added real structure and purpose to my training, designing a program that still involved hard work, but at the right times and in the right amounts. In my first season of racing after I started being coached by Trisha, I won my first race (setting a course record in the process), finished in the top four in four of the six races I ran, and my lowest finish was a seventh place. Trisha's intelligent training has allowed me to stay healthy and consistent with my performances, and her individualized, one-on-one feedback was instrumental to my growth as a runner. 



Trisha coached me to two successful marathons. She talked me through goal setting and I went from wanting simply to complete the race to wanting to turn in my best time possible (a BQ). Trisha helped me work through tough situations that could have derailed my training.  She kept me focused, helped me achieve smaller goals along the way, and was a constant resource for questions. The plan and coaching were great!

She was also inspirational, sharing her challenges and how she overcame them, her goals and how she achieved them, and leading by example when I thought I couldn't go one more step. I give Trisha a lot of credit for developing my love of running and my competitive drive.  She is an excellent coach!


Brittany fields

I have learned and improved so much under [Trisha’s] coaching! I’ve come to understand better strategy in training, like when to do weights and how much, when to do a hard workout, when to slow it down, when to rest...because everything in your training schedule for me has a purpose.

Thank you so much for how you have pushed me. I never would have thought of myself as a person who could place in a race, until just this month I finished 1st in my age group and 4th overall - umm what??!

This is the best running I’ve done in years and it gives me such confidence and happiness to see my potential expand in this sport I love.

What seminar attendees have to say…

“A lot of this was stuff I’ve heard before, but I always take away something new. It’s clear you…know your stuff! I walked away with several new insights and new things to try! Thanks!” - Tara Vanselow

“[Trisha] knows what she’s talking about.”

”I loved the slides and charts! Very easy to follow and understand!”

“Good depth of content in the time given.”

“Excellent speakers with great info!”

“Very reputable speakers - feel a million times more confident trusting [them] than anything on the internet.”