Coaching by Trisha

There are Many coaches to choose from. What sets Trisha apart?

Trisha originally forayed into coaching because of a deep desire to help people achieve their goals. She truly wants to see people learn about themselves and grow both as athletes and as people. There’s no better feeling than seeing someone work hard, grow to better understand themselves and their sport, and achieve or even surpass their goals.

Many coaches design training plans based on their own athletic experience rather than a formal education or long-term coaching experience. Trisha doesn’t coach based on what works for her. Her coaching is based on a combination of scientific principles and an education one cannot get other than through time and experience, which is learning how hundreds of individual athletes respond and adapt - both physically and mentally - to training. She has had the opportunity to meet and talk with many of the world’s top coaches and has coached athletes at a variety of ability levels as well as different personal motivations over the past 15+ years.

Trisha coaches all distances and surfaces. She has a detailed understanding of the science of running and is knowledgeable across all of the technical aspects of training, as well as complementary fields such as nutrition, injury prevention, and the psychology of racing. She will work with you to design, adapt, and execute a unique-to-you training and racing plan that takes into account your strengths, needs, and challenges.

Coaching is provided online via a Google document which includes multiple pages of information, including a personalized training log. Good and thorough communication is essential and is an integral part of a successful coaching process, which is why Trisha offers multiple opportunities for frequent contact. Scroll down to see the variety of coaching services offered!



Coaching Plans



Features of the Blue Plan include:

  • Individualized training schedule

  • Weekly training feedback & modifications

  • Limited email and text communication

  • Pre-race planning & race strategy

  • $125 per month


Features of the Gold Plan include:

  • Individualized training schedule

  • Daily training feedback & modifications

  • Unlimited email and text communication

  • Pre-race planning & race strategy

  • $175 per month


One-hour consultation either in person or via phone.

  • Discuss training, nutrition, race planning and strategy, or any other running-related topics.

  • $75 per hour

IN-person coaching

In-person coaching for specific workouts, form, trail running technique, core and strength training.

  • For runners in the greater Seattle area

  • $90 per hour


“I have worked with Trisha for less than a year but under her expert and thoughtful guidance I have already had exciting results and thoroughly recommend her as a coach to both new and experienced runners. Plus, she's an inspiring coach who races herself, has a great sense of humor, and is well-connected across the running community. Working with her has been the best thing I have ever done! ”